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Physio Clinics Affected By Injury Law Reforms

Private Physio Clinics Will Be Affected By Injury Law Reforms In a bid to tackle fraud and the rising insurance prices, last year the ministry of justice published a proposal to implement major changes to UK personal injury law. These changes will apparently reduce the annual premiums by at least £40 These reforms will come into action from the 1st of October 2018.   Some of the measures the government has announced are as follows: 1) Increase the small claims for all.

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Five Simple Online Marketing Tips for Physio Clinics

Five Simple Online Marketing Tips for Physio Clinics When it comes to marketing, even small businesses can utilise the benefits of the internet to spread their marketing campaign quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the rise of online marketing, small businesses now have the opportunity to increase the success of their marketing campaigns without increasing their budget. There are many ways small businesses can embrace online marketing, but the top five include:   Social Media Social media has become the ‘go-to’ tool for.

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