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Balancing Work Life & Home Life as a Therapist

Tips on Balancing Work Life & Home Life as a Therapist   Every private healthcare professional will arrive at the point where they are finding it difficult to balance their family time with work. Owning and managing a busy private physiotherapy practice may sometimes feel as though having a normal family life impossible. Is this you? Are you spending too much time in the clinic? Situations like this can very easily occur if you don’t delegate and manage your time effectively. We.

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Four Ways To Instantly Increase Patient Inquiries

Four Ways to Instantly Increase Patient inquiries If you’re ever worried that you may not have as many inquiries as expected, it may be due to you not providing your audience with enough easy opportunities to use your services. Unfortunately, you can very easily overlook some of the methods that are vital to attracting patients, to help you work out where you could be going wrong, we have identified the four most important factors to consider when wanting to increase patient inquiries..

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Top Video Marketing Tips For Therapy Clinics

Top Video Marketing Tips For Therapy Clinics The advancements in online video technology have helped this once overlooked marketing technique become one of the fastest growing in the world. However, many therapy clinics consider this process to be too expensive, particularly if a single technique approach isn’t suitable. Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks within the industry that can help Therapy clinics take advantage of video marketing without sacrificing an entire marketing budget. Recent studies show that more and more businesses are.

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