About Physio Marketing Expert

Marketing Agency Specialising For Physiotherapists

An inbound approach to marketing urges your target audience to find your brand. Inbound marketing is considered by many industry experts to be the most effective form of marketing because it encourages businesses to form natural relationships with the right clients, during their buying stages (see image to the right).

Unlike outbound marketing, such as television commercials and direct mail, inbound marketing campaigns can all be launched on a small budget. However, inbound marketing methods still require significant time and commitment if they’re to succeed.

That’s where Physio Marketing Expert comes in. We’re an inbound marketing agency with experience helping a huge variety of physiotherapy clinics achieve marketing success on a small budget. We’ll work closely with you to determine your marketing goals, and then take on the hard work so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

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Each Physio Marketing Expert has known one another for number of years and we’re usually employed as in-house marketing teams for corporate health companies. We were restricted 🙁

After years of contemplating, we all decided to take the leap to start our very own marketing agency to unite our skills and help change the physio world.

We now have a very friendly, driven and talented group of individuals who desire the same results, delivering unrestricted, against the grain marketing strategies that help our clients live fulfilled lives.

We have seen how difficult it can be being a physio clinic owner with the sleepless nights wondering how you are going to pay yourself after paying wages, quite periods of business that make you doubt everything, the list could go on…

The misconception amongst physio clinic owners is to believe you can do it all yourself!

We have freed the lives of many clinic owners who now enjoy a flexible, exciting and growth oriented lifestyle. We love to help physio clinics get unstuck  because we feel a part of it! We love your clinic the same way you do and if you prosper, so do we.


We are honest in all of our dealings with clients. Everything is clear and concise from the start

  • Clear Understandable Quotes
  • No Surprise Charges
  • No Pushy Sales Tactics


We take full accountability for the quality of work we provide. If you're not happy, neither are we

  • Work Checked By Dept Heads
  • Quality System In Place
  • Everything Is Based Around You

Customer Service

We aim to provide you with a smooth problem free journey with us from your initial call to you monthly review

  • High End Customer Service
  • We Love Feedback
  • Check-Out Our Reviews


We are grateful that we get to work with awesome clients. We always find ways to treat our loyal clients.

  • Yearly Thank You Event
  • Complimentary Marketing Products
  • Free Advice & Strategies

How We Work

1st Stage

Coffee Chat

Over a coffee, we'll go over your requirements, specifics & your goals

2nd Stage


The team will bash heads together to create bespoke plans on how to achieve your goals

3rd Stage


We will present our proposal, wait for feedback & approval

4th Stage


Roll out the strategy & send you reports on the ROI