4 Tips On How To Use Instagram When Promoting Your Clinic

4 Tips On How To Use Instagram When Promoting Your Clinic



 Is Your Instagram Promoting Your Clinic Or Wasting Your Time?

How could I possibly be wasting my time you ask?

Just posting images and captions on Instagram is not enough to build awareness to you and your business. In order to effectively develop your profile and increase your followers, you firstly need to understand what makes a successful profile.

Instagram is a platform that is not used to drive traffic to your site; Pinterest has a link to your website when the image is clicked but Instagram does not, therefore,  it should only be used with the intention of building your brand name.

1) Post The Correct Type Of Posts

Most will use Instagram to post images of their daily activities, interesting pictures or memes with the hope that people will follow them based on that. What they don’t know is that this may, in fact, be pushing people away.

The sole objective of running an Instagram profile should be to attract new followers and keep the current followers interested and engaged.

The images and captions you post should display what you stand for as a business and have real value proposition using words that reflect your brand’s tone of voice. Also, consider the feelings you want your followers to associate with your brand.

Best practice is to post regular content that is authentic to your business while being creative and compelling therefore making the audience want to comment, like or share. This will ensure your followers know what to expect from you every time.


 2) Post On The Right Day And At The Right Time

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All social media platforms will have times that posts will perform best and not get buried under hundreds of others.  Spamming the Instagram feeds is not a good idea either therefore its best to you use the tried and tested times for posting.

The aim is to post before the majority log on to Instagram, therefore placing your post at the top.

The best time to upload a photograph is between 4 pm and 6 pm and the best time for a video is between 8 pm and 11 pm.

3) Use the correct Hashtags

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Hashtags are one of the fastest ways to grow and develop your business on Instagram, if the right combination of Hashtags are used they can facilitate in exposing your business to a larger and more specific audience.

Every post you wish to create should also have a short message or caption alongside it. They should also contain some Hashtags which will help organise your content and also link it to other posts that have the same Hashtag.

This is a fantastic way of gaining exposure as many potential clients may be posting content about for example shoulder pain, back pain, and other MSK problems.


As your post will now be linked to it you will automatically get free exposure to your target audience. Ideally, you should be using 3-5 of your most engaging Hashtags alongside 6 normal ones; they can be less targeted but should be creating lots of likes and comments.

One very important and over looked fact is that posts with a Hashtag are 12.6% more likely to get engagement from potential customers than posts without.

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2 Ways To Discover The Best Hashtags


1) Consider anything that your potential client could be tagging their post

I.e. have they had any injuries? Back pain, sprained ankle or Unhappy with NHS outpatient treatment etc.

2)  Check out the competition- Snoop on other clinic profiles and use the same Hashtags even consider taking a look at the industry leaders for ideas.

Examples of physiotherapy clinic specific Hashtags:

#physiotherapy #physiotherapist #therapy #physio #sport injury #injury #exercise #training #private clinic #private practice #insoles #gait #posture #warm up #cricket #Olympics


4) Last but not least – Engage with your target audience

Engaging with your target audience is a great way to increase the number of followers, maintaining an engaged promoting your clinicInstagram following is vital for all business owners.

Your followers are the ones that keep you buzzing online they are your greatest supporters and clients. One easy way to keep them engaged is by responding to any comments they leave.

This shows you actually care and they are important to you, therefore, increasing the probability that they will remain happy with your business.




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