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4 Tips On How To Use Instagram When Promoting Your Clinic

     Is Your Instagram Promoting Your Clinic Or Wasting Your Time? How could I possibly be wasting my time you ask? Just posting images and captions on Instagram is not enough to build awareness to you and your business. In order to effectively develop your profile and increase your followers, you firstly need to understand what makes a successful profile. Instagram is a platform that is not used to drive traffic to your site; Pinterest has a link to your website.

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How Twitter Can Help You With Private Clinic Marketing

  Private Clinic Marketing: Taking Advantage of Twitter Advertisements   Twitter in perspective Twitter seems to be a neglected marketing tool when it comes to paid advertisements for private clinic marketing, which is why I have pieced together this article to show you how powerful it really is. With currently has over 300 million worldwide users, 500 billion tweets daily and 80% of users use twitter via their mobile. Twitter users use the platform for six main reasons:   Discounts and promotions–.

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