Harnessing The Power Of Pinterest For Your Private Physio Clinic

Harnessing The Power Of Pinterest For Your Private Physio Clinic

Using Pinterest To Promote Your Private Physio Clinic


We’ve all heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but Pinterest is a name that seems to get ignored especially when you intend to promote your private physio clinic. When we think about Pinterest we think of the mobile app with lots of pictures that comes ready installed on some phones.

Well, little do we know that Pinterest is the new up and coming top dog, statistics show that Pinterest users convert at a higher rate in comparison to any other social media platform.

Yes, you heard it right, even better than Facebook if fact they are 10% more likely to use your services in comparison to Facebook. This means that there is a higher probability of a client using your private physio clinic when Pinterest is the source of the lead.


Why is Pinterest such a great platform for your business?

Pinterest allows you to pin images so people can share them with their friends and contacts. Consumers are now spending more time looking at images and videos rather than reading solely text blogs. With health and fitness, being such a fast growing market it is the perfect time for physiotherapy clinics to squeeze in there and get as much exposure as possible.

On average each pin on Pinterest

  • Drives two visits to your site and 6 page views
  • and is repinned 10 times


A pin is an image or short video that has been connected to Pinterest by either manual uploading or being pinned from a website, when a pin is clicked on Pinterest it will take them to the website that it originates from therefore pins will drive traffic through to your clinic website and will also help Build brand awareness.

For a private physio practice, you would need to be posting pins related to physiotherapy, health, sport or exercise in order to attract the appropriate audience.
The key thing is to encourage people to share your pins; it’s at this stage that you as a business owner will need to invest a little time every day to post visual images that are relevant to your target audience.


Private Physio Clinic



Private Physio Clinic
Your image can be:

• Something that is educational
• Something that shocks or surprises
• Create a feeling of belonging to a particular group or cause
• Appealing to beliefs or interests
• Entertaining – Memes



Once you have a reasonable number of contacts they will be sharing your pins for you which will automatically generate more clients and build a brand and therefore result in exposure to your business.

Pinterest has what’s called a “Pinterest browser button” that allows you to save images much faster, its compatible with all the major web browsers and helps users generate pins easily.


All images are organised into boards and you can sort your boards depending on your particular interest. A board can also be created based on location, therefore there is the potential to create a board for your clinic and post regular high-quality images of physiotherapists in practice.

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Making a pin of your written content

Written content can be made into a pin by using this visual element on the top of a blog post to encourage users to pin it, even though the majority of the information is text so long as there is a compelling description to go with it will drive users from Pinterest to your private physio clinic website. 

For tips and advice on how to set up a Pinterest account contact us for a quick chat were more than happy to help



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