Physio Clinics Affected By Injury Law Reforms

Physio Clinics Affected By Injury Law Reforms

Private Physio Clinics Will Be Affected By Injury Law Reforms

In a bid to tackle fraud and the rising insurance prices, last year the ministry of justice published a proposal to implement major changes to UK personal injury law. These changes will apparently reduce the annual premiums by at least £40 These reforms will come into action from the 1st of October 2018.


Some of the measures the government has announced are as follows:

1) Increase the small claims for all road traffic accident claims up to £5000

2) Increase the small claims limit for public liability, employers liability and lower value clinical negligence claims up to £2000

3) Fixed tariff system


What does all this mean?

If the small claims limit is increased, then some people will not be able to recover their solicitor’s costs from the insurers, but the insurers will have their massive legal budget to fight you off with.

Placing a cap on the amount of compensation you can potentially receive will mean that the average pay out will now reduce from £1850 to £425. Furthermore, you will only receive a pay out if a medical report is done, therefore no more settlements.

Whiplash injuries will often result in a loss of earnings, private physiotherapy treatment as well as the cost of care and vehicle recovery. Now fewer people will be able to pursue soft tissue injury claims and as a result, there will be less work for private physiotherapy as most people will just undergo NHS treatment.


What do you need to do?

As a private physiotherapist, it’s now imperative that you prepare for this, ensuring that your client revenue channels are strong and not fully independent of insurance claims and injuries but instead based on service and market positioning. Make your practice the first choice for anyone who is in need of any physiotherapy.


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