How Twitter Can Help You With Private Clinic Marketing

How Twitter Can Help You With Private Clinic Marketing


Private Clinic Marketing: Taking Advantage of Twitter Advertisements


Twitter in perspective

Twitter seems to be a neglected marketing tool when it comes to paid advertisements for private clinic marketing, which is why I have pieced together this article to show you how powerful it really is.

With currently has over 300 million worldwide users, 500 billion tweets daily and 80% of users use twitter via their mobile.

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Twitter users use the platform for six main reasons:


  • Discounts and promotions

Can be used to promote a new service at your clinic or a reduced rate for existing services


  • Free giveaways

Even if it’s just information you’re giving away, twitter works very well in reaching your target audience


  • Fun and entertainment

Post a funny tweet, GIF or meme and keep your audience interested


  • Updates on upcoming sales and events

If you’re holding a stall at an event, use twitter to let the world know!!





  • Promoting tweets

This gives you the ability to deliver your message to people who are not your followers. This is achieved by allowing you to target your audience by keywords in tweets, behaviors, device, demographics and much more.

This is a great tool to generate new clients by targeting athletes, patients with back problems and other high-risk groups.

Payment for this is based on an engagement basis and also your budget, every time a potential client retweets or clicks your web link, you pay a small fee.



  • Promoting accounts

Again this allows you to build your twitter community by demographics, behavior, users that like your followers and the list goes on.

The aim is to find and gain new followers; payment for this is based on every new follower to your account. On your main screen, you will notice accounts that are shown under the section of “who to follow” these are generally paid promotions for accounts.


  • Promoting trends

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With this tool, you can target audience based on geographic location and drive mass awareness and build interest with top placement in the trends module for 24 hours.

This has been shown to result in a 73% conversion lift on the day of a trend. which in turn means that this will result in more people following you on twitter, and therefore be exposed to you and your services which will direct them to the website.

Please bear in mind that it is not a self-service option and you will need to contact the twitter sales team to arrange this which can seem like a hassle but its worth it in the end.

For more information on how to begin a marketing campaign don’t hesitate to contact any of our team who will be happy to give you some free tips and advice.

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