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GDPR- Can You Risk 4% Of Your Annual Turnover

  The 25th of May 2018 will be the most significant day in EU data protection for 20 years. On this day the law will be changing how private clinics and other businesses handle the private information of patients and customers. It will be the increase in EU citizen’s rights to data privacy that has been 10 years in the pipeline. What is GDPR, And what is all the fuss about?   The general data protection regulation (GDPR) was made by the.

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Using A Physio Marketing Sales Funnel To Bring You New Clients

Does your website have a Physio marketing sales funnel?   A Physio Marketing Sales funnel consists of three things:  A Leadbox (pop up form) Lead magnet (Free give away) Thank you page  Start with a Leadbox By replacing the generic:  “contact us” or “sign up here”  with a leadbox , you will get more leads as you are now changing it into a giving page and not just a page trying to get a sale. This psychologically makes potential leads more open.

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Three Reasons Why Content is Crucial to Online Marketing Success

Three Reasons Why Content is Crucial to Online Marketing Success In the early days of the internet, the success of online marketing was dictated by the number of keywords embedded in a brand’s website. Thankfully, modern search engines and social media sites reward quality rather than quantity, and this is where content comes in. There are many ways content can be key to the success of your online marketing campaign, but three of the main reasons include:   Engaging Social Media Social.

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