Using A Physio Marketing Sales Funnel To Bring You New Clients

Using A Physio Marketing Sales Funnel To Bring You New Clients

Does your website have a Physio marketing sales funnel?


A Physio Marketing Sales funnel consists of three things: 

physio marketing sales funnel

  1. A Leadbox (pop up form)
  2. Lead magnet (Free give away)
  3. Thank you page

 Start with a Leadbox

By replacing the generic:  “contact us” or “sign up here”  with a leadbox , you will get more leads as you are now changing it into a giving page and not just a page trying to get a sale. This psychologically makes potential leads more open to your content as their guard is down and they enter the first phase of your physio marketing sales funnel.

This triggers a behavioral inertia wherein a lead is compelled to now engage with you, similar to the sales yes ladder which is a proven theory that states that if you convince a lead to say yes to a smaller request first they will agree to a bigger request later.

When a leadbox pops up a lead has two options to either sign up or close the box, If you can get visitors make a decision, (even if it’s not them signing up) you will always get better results than not having one.

A leadbox that will offer free weekly health tips and advice may be a good start, a leadbox can be created by a web designer or by one of the many websites that provide easy to use templates. Once your leadbox is created it can be published to your website or social media accounts for your next marketing campaign.


 Introduce the Lead magnet  Physio Marketing Sales funnel

A lead magnet is something you give away for free in return for a leads email address, again you are more likely to be open with someone who gives away something free rather than just after your email address. A good lead magnet can and will generate more email address thereby helping you build your database for your marketing.

A lead magnet should be compelling and enticing enough to want your potential lead to provide an email.  For a physiotherapy practice perhaps give away a PDF of stretches or exercises, a video or audio on how to prevent injuries or a free initial phone consultation for your physiotherapy clinic ( even if it’s normally free)


Finish with the Thank you page

Don’t just make a boring generic thank you page, you have many options to customise and improve it, a thank you page can lead a customer further into your marketing so why not consider using one of the following types of thank you pages.

Physio Marketing Sales funnel

  • Webinar thank you page

Link it on to a webinar with further information on your website to promote your services and even get more details to use in a marketing campaign.

  • Sales thank you page

Promote your services on your thank you page, again exposing the lead to your clinic. Include prices of your services, special offers, and referral incentives.

  • Social thank you page

Use this opportunity to generate more followers on your social media page, where they can ask you for tips and advice anytime and also connect with other patients with similar problems.


physio marketing sales funnel

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