Physio Video Marketing

Professionally Shot

Our team consists of experienced video equipment, editing and recording guys. The full package!

Professionally Edited

The final video whether it is a 3 minute clinic tour or a 30 second testimonial, will be edited to the highest level

Ready to Share

We can upload the final video for you onto YouTube and your website and is then shareable across Social Media

The task of engaging with clients can feel daunting to a physio clinic, and videos are becoming an important asset to clinics hoping to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you need video to support your next product launch or you’d like to embed a promotional video on your home page, we can take care the whole process on your behalf. Just let us know your goals and we’ll work with you to create a film that truly reflects your brand values.



How long does video marketing take to film?

Filming usually takes from half a day to a full day and we can book your session well in advance to ensure we don’t disrupt your clinic.

Can video marketing take place at a time that won’t disturb my clinic?

Yes, we can do all video shooting on a day and time that you prefer so your physio clinic doesn’t experience any disruption.

I want my video to look professional rather than home made, are you able to make us all look like movie stars?

That’s exactly what we want! Our videos are made and edited to the highest standard using the best software and equipment in the industry, and our team are experienced video recording graduates who studied Media Marketing at University level.

Video Marketing Fact One

After watching a video online, 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase

Video Marketing Fact Two

90% of customers agreed that a video helps them in their purchase decision

Video Marketing Fact Three

1 Minute of video is worth approx 1.8 million words

Claim Complimentary Consultation

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our Physio Marketing Experts to discuss how Video Marketing can help your business get more customers

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