Balancing Work Life & Home Life as a Therapist

Balancing Work Life & Home Life as a Therapist

Tips on Balancing Work Life & Home Life as a Therapist


Every private healthcare professional will arrive at the point where they are finding it difficult to balance their family time with work. Owning and managing a busy private physiotherapy practice may sometimes feel as though having a normal family life impossible. Is this you? Are you spending too much time in the clinic? Situations like this can very easily occur if you don’t delegate and manage your time effectively. We have put together some procedures and identified some potential problems that you can avoid to make your life much easier so you can work less and play more.

Delegate your workload

Everyone has the perception that If you do it yourself you will make more by saving more, WRONG! Yes doing it yourself will keep the cost down but hiring additional staff will free up your time so you can concentrate on your business. A new part time physiotherapist or receptionist can lighten the workload on everyone else. Each person can now focus on their task and without being concerned about not having a social life or being overworked. This will reduce the chances of poor customer service and ensure that each patient is getting therapy to the highest standard. Happy staff = Happy customers



Managing your admin work

For practice owners, admin work can be some of the most demanding and tiring tasks. Late nights at the clinic catching up on paperwork is something that we can all relate to. And we also have the owners that take admin work home, Big mistake! This will affect both your work and your family time. What the solution to this is simple if you haven’t got a receptionist then get one and add this to his/her responsibilities. Adding a small hourly pay rise will keep everyone happy and again will let you focus on your business.

Planning Ahead

Regardless of whether it’s a holiday or a birthday, get it penciled in your diary and plan ahead. Get reliable cover in place so you won’t be disturbed and leave emergency procedures in place. The same principle applies to you work schedule, any CPD events, important meetings or conferences need to be pre-planned to save you a headache on the day.


“Delegate Down, So You Can Rise Up”

If we can assist your physiotherapy practice by managing the growth and marketing aspects, then delegate to us in return for life and freedom.

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