Four Ways To Instantly Increase Patient Inquiries

Four Ways To Instantly Increase Patient Inquiries

Four Ways to Instantly Increase Patient inquiries

If you’re ever worried that you may not have as many inquiries as expected, it may be due to you not providing your audience with enough easy opportunities to use your services. Unfortunately, you can very easily overlook some of the methods that are vital to attracting patients, to help you work out where you could be going wrong, we have identified the four most important factors to consider when wanting to increase patient inquiries.


1. Opening Times increase patient inquiries

The easiest way to increase patient inquiries is to be available, with more and more businesses now online, opening times is an area that seems to be neglected and the importance not truly understood.

However, for a physically located business, making sure your team is contactable during consistent and accessible times of day could help to transform a patient with an inquiry into a block booked patient.

Why not install a pop-up live chat feature on your website and delegate to a service like who will handle all the queries on your behalf at any time day you like?


2. Payment Options increase patient inquiries

The digital world has opened up a world of payment options for all businesses and especially private physiotherapy clinics. As a result, it’s important that your customers have a variety of options to suit their needs.

If you currently only offer general debit card payments, try a safe and secure direct debit payment portal such as, Apple pay, Paypal contactless are all new up and coming payment methods to replace cash and chip & pin.


increase patient inquiries


3. Money Back Guarantee

Nobody likes to waste money and very often a new patient will be apprehensive physiotherapy treatment especially if they have never used it before. Make sure your customers have peace of mind when they’re using your services by providing them with the reassurance of your therapy with success stories and even a money back option if they aren’t happy with the service provided. increase patient inquiries

Although this may seem like a risky tactic, you will actually find that any patient that attends your clinic is there because they are in pain and need help and are very unlikely to request money back for no reason.


Easy Contact Options

Finally, be available to speak to your potential clients Be it on the telephone or even on your website, Patients may be searching for a solution to their problems at any time of the day and it’s your job to be there when they ask a question.increase patient inquiries

Contact forms, multiple contact details and little demand for their information could help to increase your Contact forms, multiple contact details and little demand for their information could help to increase your inquiries. If you have a Facebook page you can use the instant messenger options set to send notifications to your mobile phone, secure that client before somebody else does!




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