Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media is now the dominant force in marketing, and increasingly determines the success of marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a novice marketer for a startup business or a seasoned marketing professional working for an international organisation, keeping on top of the latest social media rules is the first step to tackling this growing business dilemma.  I present the 3 key ingredients to social media marketing success.

Social Media Marketing

Rule One: Focus Your Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t always about total global domination. The accessibility and ease of use associated with social media can make it tempting for companies to spread themselves thin in an attempt to reach new audiences from far and wide.

However, this approach is a waste of energy and marketing funds if it is unlikely to advance your brand. In fact, focused marketing that is specifically aimed at your target audience is more likely to succeed, helping your brand to connect with potential customers and become a reputable industry leader.

Social Media Marketing

Rule Two: Quality Over Quantity

This rule covers content and connections, who should be targeted because they can add value to or benefit from your brand rather than as a means of increasing numbers. When it comes to content, the same rules apply, and your marketing campaign will achieve more if you focus on produce high quality, trust-worthy content over a greater level of mediocre content.

High-quality content and connections can also result in a greater level of unsolicited content sharing for your brand, helping to increase your reputation without the need for additional marketing funding.


Rule Three: Be AccessibleSocial Media Marketing

Once you have established your brand amongst the right social media circles, it’s vital that you build on your customer relationships by remaining accessible. Rather than simply publishing content and waiting for results, try engaging in conversations with loyal and potential customers to encourage interest in your brand.

This personal approach to marketing will also increase the value of social media interactions with your brand, increasing the likelihood of your connections feeling they benefited from investing their time.


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