3 Reasons You Need A CRM For Your Clinic

3 Reasons You Need A CRM For Your Clinic

Using A CRM For Your Clinic: Do I really Need One?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system used to manage and analyse customer interactions in order to develop and improve relationships with customers. This technique is crucial in any business that aims to improve customer retention which is a good reason to have a CRM for your clinic.

This type of software makes business management easier for anyone who is running a business themselves and requires assistance with growth and development.

Our personal experience of CRM software has been astonishing, we have ourselves invested into programs like Infusionsoft and HubSpot which has resulted in our revenue being tripled due to extensive training and support provided.

Here are the three ways a CRM Can Benefit You


Improvement of Customer Relationships


This software will help you develop a better and stronger relationship with your patients by helping you organise your patients. Customers/patients will be managed better and therefore you will be able to understand their individual needs resulting in greater customer satisfaction.CRM For Your Clinic

The software creates an individual account for each patient after which you can analyse the amount of visits they have made, type of treatment, satisfaction of service amount of spending etc.

As a private practice physiotherapist, you are now not only a healthcare professional but you are a business owner and therefore it’s crucial you use customer-focused software like this.


Optimised Marketing


Another great reason to have a CRM for your clinic is to take advantage of its monitoring functions, CRM programs allow you to monitor behaviour and buying habits and as a result, give you the opportunity to optimise your marketing strategy for your particular type of client. You can now target patients involved in contact sports that are likely to have recurrent injuries, target patients of a particular age that is likely to fall in the winter months and even people likely to begin gardening in the spring and will potentially get injured.

The possibilities are endless so long as you collect any information possible from your clients and input to the system, the program does the rest for you.CRM For Your Clinic



 Collaboration of marketing

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and filing cabinets as they now lack the functionality required for the marketing of 2017, Physiotherapy clinics need to be able to collaborate data quickly and efficiently which is why CRMs allow you to transfer data to other programs like MailChimp (free email marketing software) and social media platforms instantaneously.

Replication and duplication are now a thing of the past, CRMs synchronise your data to make your life easy by saving money and time.

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