Physio Clinic Appointment Software Review

Physio Clinic Appointment Software Review

Which Appointment Software To Use For Your Physio Clinic?


If you are thinking about or starting your new Physio Clinic, you need to ensure you invest in the right Appointment Software that is capable of being future-proof and easy to use.

We have researched a few Softwares that we think will deliver exceptional service so you don’t have to. Safety is also a crucial factor with sensitive data being stored. So here is our top 5 Physio/Osteo/Chiro clinic appointment diary software’s that can get you working more efficiently now.

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1) The TM3, very versatile package and is suitable for a sole practitioner or multi-clinic/practitioner. Has a 24/7 reception facility, access to the pronto booking system, allows booking online and also links you up with health code billing. The Sole trader price is £50/month and multi-practitioner prices start from £64 onwards. It has optional add-ons, all at a price. Outsourced 24/7 receptionist service again not cheap and no option for a free trial.

2) Write Up, best for small and medium practices. Web-based hosted software and has an android/apple mobile app. For a basic 1 user option it’s £14.95 and with online booking, it’s £19.90 ex VAT prices increase for each additional user. Always contact the support team with your exact requirements and then get a price.

3) Healthy Practice Vision, apparently been in the physiotherapy game since 1989. Vendor’s website gives a very straightforward breakdown of the prices; although additional add-ons are not mentioned. Has options for both cloud-based and local rented software. Prices for basic setup are £43-55 per month per user. Take advantage of the free trial and always contact the support teams, no premium numbers involved.

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4) CLICK, web based software which is simple and straightforward, very cost effective and easy to access. Packages are based on a number of clients you will be using. Can start from the very basic package for £9.99 a month for 75 clients £19.99 for 250 clients and unlimited clients for £34.99. SMS and some other features come at an additional charge; again take advantage of the free trial.

5) Clinic Office, UK based company part of the pioneer software group. Has options for a cloud-based and a local installation, very versatile, Microsoft and Apple compatible and offers a free trial. The website provides a lot of information on prices and add-ons. The web-hosted version is £30 per user and £30 per setup; prices per user get cheaper depending on how many you subscribe to. The locally installed versions which you can purchase and keep start from £150-995 and the licenses are an additional £150 per user which also gets cheaper if you buy more.

If you are starting off on your journey to becoming a Clinic owner, drop us a message! We would love to discuss your business strategy as well as branding to stand out from the crowd.


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