Top Video Marketing Tips For Therapy Clinics

Top Video Marketing Tips For Therapy Clinics

Top Video Marketing Tips For Therapy Clinics

The advancements in online video technology have helped this once overlooked marketing technique become one of the fastest growing in the world. However, many therapy clinics consider this process to be too expensive, particularly if a single technique approach isn’t suitable. Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks within the industry that can help Therapy clinics take advantage of video marketing without sacrificing an entire marketing budget.

Recent studies show that more and more businesses are using video marketing, especially over the past 12 months Oct 2016- Oct 2017 saw the largest spike in video marketing growth in the last 10 years.


Why is video marketing crucial for your business? And do you really need to invest your money into it? yes and yes. Video marketing generates more likes and shares than conventional blog posts.

Video marketing improves your ranking with Google, i.e it will help you climb to number one on the search results. How do you ask?

  1. Video content increases the bounce rate of your website, bounce rate is graded on the amount of time a visitor a spends on your website, having a well presented and informative video is not only more appealing but helps with your SEO.
  2. SEO, YouTube is owned by Google, therefore adding content on YouTube will again boost your ranking in google as google analyses data from YouTube when deciding who should be first in the search results.
  3. Types of learners: More visitors would prefer to watch a video than read a blog. there are several reasons for this Firstly, some people are visual learners i.e. they learn better by watching someone explain than reading it and trying to explain it. Secondly, many people would rather watch than read especially after a long day at work or when on lunch breaks.
  4. It’s the best way to educate your audience and put a face to the name at the same time.

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Consider Your Subject

It might be easier to create each video as and when you feel inspired, but producing a content schedule in advance can help a small company reduce marketing costs. By carefully polishing a small programme of videos, companies can ensure every vital topic is covered just once, avoid costly repetition and make the most of every video made.


Keep Them Short

One of the biggest causes of video overspend is excessive video length, which can lead to increased production costs and reduced ROI. Although it might be tempting to reinforce a brand message as many times as possible, many marketing companies find that shorter videos are more cost-effective. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice quality, but keeping your videos concise could certainly boost their success.

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Include a Call to Action

The cost of videos is as much about the ROI as it is the initial expenses. Once you have invested in your video marketing campaign it is important to reinforce your message with the inclusion of a call to action. This may be in the form of a compelling image or infographic that is hyperlinked to a website address, contact information, or even links to previous videos.

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Perfect Your Marketing Channels

As with all marketing techniques, the final hurdle is ensuring you select the correct marketing channels through which to distribute your material to reach the maximum audience. In some cases, this may mean multiple channels, but for many small businesses, it is most cost-effective to identify the most efficient video marketing method and focus on pursuing the most successful.


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